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Nicoletta Slapo

Sandra is truly incredible. I did a random Google search this morning looking for a massage therapist near me and I am so grateful that I found Sandra. It was one of the best massages I've ever had. I went into her space in so much pain and left feeling amazing. Her space has very good energy and I was extremely relaxed during my massage. Highly recommend and grateful I found someone so talented nearby! Praise God LOL

Louis Venuti

I went to Sandra last week, and I feel like a new person. I’ve had awful issues with my legs for years, and I can honestly say this is the best I’ve felt in a long time! I cannot recommend her enough, and the relaxation was off the chart! Will definitely be back.

Christopher Burti

This was the best experience I have had getting a massage. Sandra was a professional that had my upper back (have had problems for years) feel great. Can not recommend enough! Thanks again Sandra b wellness!!!

Donna Marie

Sandra's expertise in medical massage therapy is nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment you step into her care, it's evident that she prioritizes your well-being. Sandra's attentive approach to assessing your needs, coupled with addressing specific problem areas while also attending to your overall body, showcases her commitment to comprehensive healing. One of Sandra's remarkable qualities is her ability to listen to your concerns, allowing her to tailor each session to your individual needs. She navigates through knots and tension, providing relief and restoring your body's range of motion. Whether utilizing deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, or gentle relaxation methods, Sandra's diverse skill set ensures what I call a holistic approach to healing. What truly sets Sandra apart is her dedication to creating a comfortable and safe environment for her clients. Trust is paramount in any therapeutic relationship, and Sandra's professionalism and expertise inspire complete confidence. Thanks to Sandra's exceptional care, my quality of life has significantly improved. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to anyone seeking transformative healing through medical massage therapy.

Maria Flandreau

I’ve had a lot of massages in my life but no one compares to Sandra. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend to all friends and family. She is attentive to problem areas, makes sure the pressure is to your liking and is consistent for the ENTIRE massage. She is respectful, friendly, and promotes a very restful and relaxing experience. I can’t say enough good things - if you haven’t made an appointment yet, you’re missing out!!

Art Haliti

The results were remarkable. Not only did my pain diminish significantly, but I also noticed a marked improvement in my shoulder's range of motion. What used to be something that would ache has become an area of strength and flexibility, thanks to Sandra's expertise and dedication.

I cannot recommend Sandra B Wellness enough to anyone in need of targeted healing and relief. Her compassionate nature, combined with unparalleled skills, make her a true gem in the field. Whether you're dealing with a similar rotator cuff issue or any other musculoskeletal concern, I assure you that this Sandra’s touch will be a game-changer!!
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